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Hello, I'm Aniia Hamilton. I'm a front-end developer with a background in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, skilled in JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Node.js, Tailwind CSS and SQL.

About me

After graduating with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, I decided to pursue my passion for web development. My core stack is TypeScript, React, Next.js, Node.js and MongoDB. I am also familiar with SQL. I am always looking to learn new technologies. I am currently looking for a full-time position as a front-end developer.

When I'm not coding, I enjoy reading, weight lifting, hiking, watching movies, and traveling. I also enjoy learning new things.

My Projects

My Skills

My Experience

AnchorWatch | Raleigh, North Carolina

Front-end Developer

Implemented new features, delivered a fully functional website with a focus on user-friendly navigation and information accessibility. Successfully met weekly milestones, ensuring a structured and timely development process. Technologies: React, TypeScript, TailwindCSS, Next.js, Node.js, Framer Motion, Shadcn, Radix-ui, Zod, React-Hook-Form

Aug 2023 - Current

TRAY Agency | Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia

Social Media Manager → Social Media Lead

Designed and implemented comprehensive social media strategies to increase brand awareness and engagement. Monitored and analyzed social media metrics, using data to optimize social media campaigns.Collaborated with cross-functional teams, to ensure a consistent brand voice and messaging across all social media channels. Participated in creative content shoots, contributing to the development and execution of visual concepts. Skills: Digital Marketing, Facebook Ads Manager, Trello, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro

April 2021 - May 2022

Begishevo Airport | Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia

Software Engineer

Designed and implemented software solutions for business management using 1C:Enterprise platform. Collaborated with other teams, including product management and quality assurance, to ensure software meets business requirements. Provided technical support and troubleshoot issues reported by users.

Oct 2020 - April 2021

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